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Bahi Nerve Stick
Nrv28M is a (Palm width 28 inch+ length) real Filipino Molave wood Nerve Stick

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A ideal stick idea for self protection designed by Dahms Academy of Martial Arts. A DAMA Nerve Stick, is an oval edged self defense stick, made of Filipino Molave wood made in and direct from the Philippines. A deterrent, which could be very useful in real life self Defense situations. A nerve stick could save your life. It is just a stick but if you keep it handy it can be as formidable as a sword if attacked! With this it's no problem even if your a beginner in Filipino Martial Arts. You will be able hit and not missthe nerves and cause jerking pain that will cause attacker to drop his weapon. No matter that your not that accurate at hitting the pressure points during training yet. Especially good when your in a fast moving fight for life, even though in the heat of the moment when your hearts pumping fast. It's hard to miss the points you need to hit with a nerve stick as the attackers weapons swinging at you. If you do not yet train in or know how to use any thing as a hand held weapon (Best - Filipino Eskrima, Kali, Arnis) or know how to use a stick (nerve stick or other) Video instruction on how to use and defend yourself with a stick or other objects as weapons are available through us here!
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